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Νησίδα Θοδωρού

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Παραλία Αγίων Αποστόλων

Οι δύο παραλίες των Αγίων Αποστόλων βρίσκονται 3 χλμ...

Παλιό Ενετικό Λιμάνι

Παλιό Ενετικό Λιμάνι
Το ενετικό λιμάνι στα Χανιά με...


Me and 3 friends stayed in one of the villas in August this month. All the villas are of amazing quality. Everything looks brand new and it's spotless clean. There were 2 bedrooms: 1 grand bedroom and a twin bedroom. Our bedroom had a sea-view 🙂 There is AC in each room. The living room on the 2nd floor is great and big as well. Kitchen is in the same place. There is a terrace and a roof-top terrace. Each villa has its own little swimming pool , which u can dip in whenever, if you don't feel like walking the 200m to the sea 😛 There is even a gym outside. There is WIFI. Its location in Kamisiana is also good in between the bar/restaurant area of Platanias and the more quiet but simply beautiful beaches of the western part of Crete. It's good to have a car. There was a pretty simple breakfast, but they bring u whatever u ask for. it would be nice if they killed the roosters around, which start pretty early in the AM. If u are a deep sleeper u won't even hear them.
Our hosts could not have done more for us. Our holiday experience exceeded all our expectations. The accommodation felt like we were the first to stay in it...all new, modern and spacious which was serviced daily with new fluffy towels and had every mod con you could think of. Our breakfast request was delivered each morning (unheard of for self catering) and our hosts were so friendly and really helpful with local info. Peaceful location with own pool, gym and beach 200m away. Lovely hidden gems of local restaurants and a great location to get to the Islands attractions and beaches whether by car or the bus. Our children were spoilt by our hosts providing sun hats, beach mats, lilos and beach balls for them to use...we can't sing their praises enough. Would definitely recommend Kronos Villas...amazing place and we've been to quite a few! Well done guys